Adult Faith Formation




Lecture Series on Ecumenical and Interreligious Relations by Fr. Leo Lefebure

7:00 pm - All talks will take place in the Church

September 7, 2017: The Freedom of a Christian: Memory and Reconciliation" will reflect on various Christian Views of freedom from Martin Luther to the Dominican friars Antonio Montesino and Bartolomé de Las Casas to African American spirituals to Georgetown University's recent process seeking reconciliation and healing in relation to the university's historic involvement in slavery.

September 14, 2017: "Meditation & Action in Buddhist-Christian Relations" will explore the history of Catholic spirituality in relation to Buddhist practice and the recent conference of the European Network of Buddhist-Christian Studies in Montserrat, Spain.  This lecture will discuss contributions of the Benedictine, Franciscan, Dominican, and Carmelite traditions, as well as Pope Francis's interreligious outreach in relation to ecology.

September 21, 2017: "Search for Wisdom in the Interreligious Journey of Raimon Panikkar" This final lecture in the three part series offered by Fr. Leo Lefebure will discuss the search for wisdom in the interreligious journey of Raimon Panikkar, a Catholic Catalan theologian who had an Indian Hindu father and who engaged in a lifelong dialogue with the Hindu and Buddhist traditions in relation to the biblical wisdom trajectory.


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